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Mumtaztic Loft

Aug 13, 2007 |
Turkish Tumblers and Birmingham Rollers breeder and fancier in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. ... Read more


Oct 2, 2001 |
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Links To A Number of Individual and Club Sites, Rare Breed Information, Site Hosting ... Read more

Mealybar Racing Pigeons!

Feb 2, 2002 |
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Mealybar Racing Pigeons, the webmaster of Pigeonbasics.com's loft website. ... Read more

Schaschkow long distance racing pigeons

Feb 3, 2008 |
Schaschkow long distance racing pigeons ... Read more

PigeonBid-The Ultimate Pigeon Auction

Jan 8, 2002 |
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This is a auctionsite for racing Pigeons. It was created by a seller and buyer, for the seller and buyer. Post your birds for up to 2 weeks free and if it doesnt sell it doesnt cost you a cent, how ... Read more

A. Klein Haneveld & Sohn, Borculo (NL)

Feb 10, 2006 |
A top racing pigeon site from the Netherlands ... Read more

aaa VIP Lofts

Jan 4, 2006 |
Van Loons, Jan Aardens and Janssens. Including "Silver Shadow" Van Loons direct from Holland. Best value australian stock on the WWW. ... Read more


Oct 17, 2001 |
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Loft site of K.D. Spurling. Many breeds of rare flying pigeons. ... Read more


May 12, 2007 |
Ukrainian Skycutters. This medium size bird came from Nikolaev , Ukraine over one hundred years ago. They are different from other pigeons because when they fly they don’t flap their wings like ... Read more

The Australian Racing Pigeon Journal

Jan 31, 2002 |
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articles on a wide variety of pigeon topics written by some of the best writers in the world ... Read more

Dutch Pigeon Stars

Sep 23, 2001 |
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Dutch Janssen and De Klak champions. Hattrick 355, Acepigeon of the Netherlands, 13 x 1st prize, 100% De Klak. And more real Janssen and De Klak champions. ... Read more

Wim van Rijk Long Distance Pigeons - Netherlands

Sep 20, 2007 |
I started a new site in the Netherlands transtated to English for Long Distance Pigeons ... Read more

John Marles' Sylvan Lofts

Mar 18, 2006 |
Many, many articles on such subjects as health, widowhood,educating young birds, loft interviews and the dark system. ... Read more

East Penn Breeding Loft

Feb 23, 2002 |
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Birds for sale, check me out and save! ... Read more

Grizzles Inc

Nov 7, 2005 |
PR: 1
Featuring Ooievaar Grizzles(Tournier), Dr. Piaget Grizzles, Nick Corini Huysken Van Riels and Steven Van Breemen (Desmet Matthys). Exceptional quality birds and a fun, interactive website. ... Read more

F.S. Kramer & Zn, Netherlands

Feb 15, 2006 |
Toppigeons from the Netherlands ... Read more

Williams Family Loft

May 30, 2007 |
Williams Family Loft, home of THE GRAND PALMS PIGEON RESORT. ... Read more

Tumblers and Tails

Jan 17, 2006 |
fancy pigeons from ireland ... Read more


Nov 21, 2005 |
PR: 2
racing pigeon stud bloodlines include smeulders janssen bros van loon deklak pryor goodger busschaert ... Read more