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Mumtaztic Loft

Aug 13, 2007 |
Turkish Tumblers and Birmingham Rollers breeder and fancier in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. ... Read more


Oct 2, 2001 |
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Links To A Number of Individual and Club Sites, Rare Breed Information, Site Hosting ... Read more

Universal Optic

Sep 4, 2006 |
We manufacture and sell the LoupeLite360 and accessories. The LoupeLite360 is a Hands Free lighted eye loupe which provides an effective and convenient way to view the eyes of your birds in available ... Read more


Jan 3, 2007 |

Mealybar Racing Pigeons!

Feb 2, 2002 |
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Mealybar Racing Pigeons, the webmaster of Pigeonbasics.com's loft website. ... Read more

Schaschkow long distance racing pigeons

Feb 3, 2008 |
Schaschkow long distance racing pigeons ... Read more

PigeonBid-The Ultimate Pigeon Auction

Jan 8, 2002 |
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This is a auctionsite for racing Pigeons. It was created by a seller and buyer, for the seller and buyer. Post your birds for up to 2 weeks free and if it doesnt sell it doesnt cost you a cent, how ... Read more

A. Klein Haneveld & Sohn, Borculo (NL)

Feb 9, 2006 |
A top racing pigeon site from the Netherlands ... Read more

aaa VIP Lofts

Jan 4, 2006 |
Van Loons, Jan Aardens and Janssens. Including "Silver Shadow" Van Loons direct from Holland. Best value australian stock on the WWW. ... Read more


Oct 17, 2001 |
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Loft site of K.D. Spurling. Many breeds of rare flying pigeons. ... Read more


May 12, 2007 |
Ukrainian Skycutters. This medium size bird came from Nikolaev , Ukraine over one hundred years ago. They are different from other pigeons because when they fly they don’t flap their wings like ... Read more

Emerald Racers

Nov 24, 2005 |
South Louisiana Racing Pigeon Loft. We have some very nice stock birds and looking forward to racing 2006 YB's and a few futurities. ... Read more

The Australian Racing Pigeon Journal

Jan 31, 2002 |
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articles on a wide variety of pigeon topics written by some of the best writers in the world ... Read more

Dutch Pigeon Stars

Sep 23, 2001 |
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Dutch Janssen and De Klak champions. Hattrick 355, Acepigeon of the Netherlands, 13 x 1st prize, 100% De Klak. And more real Janssen and De Klak champions. ... Read more

Wim van Rijk Long Distance Pigeons - Netherlands

Sep 20, 2007 |
I started a new site in the Netherlands transtated to English for Long Distance Pigeons ... Read more

John Marles' Sylvan Lofts

Mar 17, 2006 |
Many, many articles on such subjects as health, widowhood,educating young birds, loft interviews and the dark system. ... Read more

East Penn Breeding Loft

Feb 22, 2002 |
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Birds for sale, check me out and save! ... Read more

Grizzles Inc

Nov 7, 2005 |
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Featuring Ooievaar Grizzles(Tournier), Dr. Piaget Grizzles, Nick Corini Huysken Van Riels and Steven Van Breemen (Desmet Matthys). Exceptional quality birds and a fun, interactive website. ... Read more

F.S. Kramer & Zn, Netherlands

Feb 15, 2006 |
Toppigeons from the Netherlands ... Read more